Crisis Communications: Tips for Preparing a Response Strategy

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CANNABIS BUSINESS EXECUTIVE | We’ve all done it: The fire drill. You’re in the middle of a workday when the alarm bells go off. You leave a project you’re jamming on, walk outside to the designated area, listen to the fire marshal give the spiel about safe exit routes and where you can find a fire extinguisher. Then you go back to your desks and carry on with your day, assured in the fact that if the real thing happened–a three-alarm fire rips through your cultivation or 50-story office building–you would know the path to take to escape unscathed.

But do you have a Fire Drill in place for your Company’s Reputation?

A negative incident that spins out of control in the echo chambers of our small tight-knit community and then through traditional and social media is enough to keep any CEO up at night. But if you have a plan in place, you will sleep better. And by the way, the best crisis communications plan–or what I prefer to call a Response Strategy–is one that you never have to actually implement. I mean, how many building fires have you had to escape from? In this latest installment of my Cannabis Business Executive column on communications for the cannabis industry, I’m going to line out the steps to take for an effective response strategy.


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