Cannabis Conferences: Five Smart Tips for Getting the Most Out of Marijuana Trade Shows

By July 9, 2018February 19th, 2019No Comments

CANNABIS BUSINESS EXECUTIVE | We’re heading into trade show season. So for my latest Cannabis Business Executive column—where I regularly unpack the art of public relations in the cannabis industry—let’s dig into some smart ways to decide what cannabis conferences are worth your time and money, and how to get the most out of any event you attend.

Trade shows and conferences are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the industry, meet peers and network with potential business partners. But when you walk into a trade show with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, you should do so with a game plan in place. No matter where your business is at in its growth trajectory, if you take the time to craft and execute a solid game plan, you can walk away with promising business partner potentials, new leads, hot ideas and a better overall sense of the industry ecosystem.

So here are a few of the best tips I give all of my clients at Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency, to make sure they get the most value from cannabis industry conferences and trade shows.

Source: Cannabis Business Executive | July 9, 2018 by Shawna Seldon McGregor